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Winter is coming, part II

Yesterday I didn’t have time to complete my post and thoughts, so I’m doing it today!

I ‘m happy winter is near. I can’t stand the heat and the humidity anymore and I love the prospect of sitting in front of a fireplace with a good book and snow falling out the window. In my dream world though, every stray would have a home and every homeless person would have a room and a warm bed and an awesome fireplace and a steaming bowl of chicken soup.. That’s the thorn of reality in my dreams, that doesn’t let me be excited about winter without a touch (or maybe a big, face-offing punch) of guilt.

Wow! That escalated quickly! I was going for a lighter post today, but my mind thought otherwise. Ok, Here are some happy pictures of the way I imagine winter!

Coffee by the fireplace…

Family moments by the fireplace…

Happy pets by the fireplace!

(I don’t think I lightened the mood though…)


One comment on “Winter is coming, part II

  1. …και μόνο τζάκι (και) φέτος, ξες… 😉

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