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This blog is about my life. It doesn’t have a specific purpose, except that of logging in some thoughts and things I find importan in my life right now. I’m 25 and currently in a state of constant thinking of my future, what I want from my life, what I am like as a person, as a woman as a daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend. I consider myself lucky, because I have a loving and understanding family and supportive friends. So, at least, the inner struggle I’m in lately, is not conflicting with other struggles. I just have to make things right with myself and nobody else.

So, this blog will be all over the place. It will be about books, about diet, about excercises and workoing out, about friends, thoughts, animals, family, life and death. And love. And who knows what else? I just need a place to log everything, so maybe I can organize it in my mind as well… And this is it! I don’t know if I’ll go public some day about it, but just not yet…


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