My life

To her.

I was walking down the street, running from one thing to another when, somehow her overpowring memory came to me, taking my breath away… I remembered the way she smiled and laughed when I surprised her, coming back from college a day or two early… And i kept smiling for the rest of my day. […]

Ελαιώνας Ιππαρχικού – Hipparchicus olive grove

(note: this was suposed to be published 2 months ago) Yesterday we finished planted our own olive trees. A very tiring but satisfyong weekend!

Valdottavo, Part I

You know those places where middle aged, recently divorced women go to rediscover life in romantic comedies, in Tuscany or south France, those little villages where everyone seems to know everyone and they welcome the new visitor with open arms, those places where they have the doors unlocked and anyone can go in or out […]

Winter is coming…

So, winter is coming… Today is the first day of winter. Or at least, it feels this way. It’s the first day that I saw people wearing jackets and the first day I think I should have gotten one from home.

Θάνη in a bag

Yeap, that’s our kitty, thani. She LOVES bags of any kind, size or material. She tries to fit in them all and sometimes, like this one, she succeeds!

Book challenges update!

So, I’ve decided that I have to take a break from my A-Z challenge (since I’ve stuck[????] to it so faithfully till now 😜) because my AWESOME “A song of ice and fire” series was delivered to me last week and I just have to rea all of them before the third season of the […]


My little sister when she was 5!