Ελαιώνας Ιππαρχικού – Hipparchicus olive grove

(note: this was suposed to be published 2 months ago) Yesterday we finished planted our own olive trees. A very tiring but satisfyong weekend! Advertisements

My getaway…

This is where I go when I need some peace of mind. And where I imagine I am, when I can get there. Today’s state? stressed out. But it could be worse and it will be better ( new moto!!!!)


To the thousands of my new followers *cough* Maria *cough* welcome!!! This is not about something specific, just about the things that concern me and impress me and annoy me and my workouts and my books (or, in this case) your books! Why in English? Excellent question! I think because in my mind the whole […]


Back to school!

Στο σεμινάριο ενεργειακών επιθεωρητών…

Green blue nature!

First Post

This is my first post to my new blog. At the moment, I ‘m keeping it private and I don’t really know if I’ll ever publish it. I just need some space to collect my thoughts and a blog (even a personal, private one) seemed like a good idea. The purpose of this blog is […]